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Dry Bones

Emboss Trucker Wallet

Emboss Trucker Wallet

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DWM-120 Emboss Trucker Wallet


《Main body》
Length 10.5cm x Width 20cm x Thickness 1.5cm
Top cover: approx. 4.5cm
Total length: Approx. 14cm
Leather part: approx. 9.5cm x 2.5cm
Total length: approx. 51cm

We have recreated the trucker wallet that was popular among truck drivers in the 1950s.

In the 1950s, after the end of World War II, the American economy was revitalized and logistics began to shift from using railroads to using major roads.

The people who played a major role in this were truck drivers, commonly known as truckers, all over the United States. Since these people basically sit in the driver's seat all day driving large trucks, they tend to drop their wallets that are left in their pockets when they get off the truck to do some shopping or to fill up with gas.

As a result, so-called "tracker wallets," which have a chain that extends from a wallet and is secured to a belt, became all the rage.

This time, Dry Bones discovered an embossing mold from that time (a pattern embossed into leather), so we made a completely new mold from scratch and also produced a special presentation box with an illustration from that time.

The material is 2mm thick cow leather. The embossed pattern is a paisley pattern that was very popular at the time. Since the pattern is large, the pattern that appears when cutting varies from piece to piece.

This material is sewn with thick zero-count natural thread to create a sturdy and sturdy garment.

The rain cover features a plain nickel-colored Scovill hatch and an octagon-cut rhinestone stud in the center.

The larger eyelet has a double loop attached to it, from which a sturdy solid brass chain is attached.

The inside of the wallet is equipped with a zippered pocket for coins.

The zipper features faded khaki cotton tape, the puller is Universal brand, and the bottom clasp is an H-shaped inlay, perfectly recreating the 1950s style.

There are also several other pockets, making it extremely spacious.

The brand name is stamped in gold foil, and "GENUINE LEATHER" and "MADE IN JAPAN" are embossed in plain color.

A tab of the same material is attached to the end of the chain, allowing it to be attached to a belt or other item.

The same engraving is on the back of the tab, and the metal fitting that connects to the chain is also equipped with a solid brass loop clutch (called a "naskan" in Japanese).

Although it is a small accessory, the tracker wallet has been designed and produced with the utmost care.
It comes with a presentation box, making it perfect as a gift.


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