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Dry Bones

Embroidered Jacket "Fukurokuju"

Embroidered Jacket "Fukurokuju"

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DJ-1084 Embroidered Jacket "Fukurokuju"

100% Rayon

It has re-stock!

The project is based on the vintage item known as the "Vietjean" that existed in the 1960s and 1970s.

First, let me explain the vintage "Vietjean".

This refers to the jackets that American soldiers brought back from Vietnam as souvenirs during the Vietnam War, which lasted from around 1964 to 1975. Many were made from recycled parachute and sleeping bag fabric used during the war, and most were made from cheap materials such as nylon or cotton x polyester. On the chest were hand-embroidered Chinese motifs such as tigers, dragons, or the Chinese character for "good fortune." On the back, most were hand-embroidered with maps and place names of Vietnam, or unit markings.

Also, there are maps with phrases like "WHEN I DIE I'LL GO TO HEAVEN BECAUSE I'VE SERVED MY TIME IN HELL" on them. This basically means "I will go to heaven because I've spent my time in hell." It gives you an idea of ​​the plight of American soldiers who were participating in the Vietnam War at that time.

While carrying on this vintage history, we have added accents that are unique to Dry Bones.

First of all, the outer material. In order to break away from the cheap look of the jacket, we deliberately used an original dyed rayon twill. It is dyed jet black so that the vivid embroidery stands out.

The embroidery pays homage to the vintage designs, recreating almost the same embroidery design with the latest computerized embroidery machines. In the vintage designs, the embroidery was too heavy and was held down with thread, but this has been recreated as part of the pattern with embroidery.

The chest features a tiger face and the Chinese character for Fukurokuju, while the sleeve features a dragon. The back embroidery features the most common map of Vietnam and the usual text. The thread color is slightly lighter than the vintage color, allowing the black background to stand out.

We have faithfully reproduced the "strangely angled pockets" that are common in cheap vintage items, while maintaining the quality of men's clothing.

Enjoy this upgraded Viet-Jean, which is similar but different to vintage items.


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