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Dry Bones

Embroidered Jacket "HAWK"

Embroidered Jacket "HAWK"

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DJ-1167 Embroidered Jacket "HAWK"

100% Rayon

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This is a unique revival of the souvenir embroidered jacket from the 1950s, commonly known as the "Sukajan."

In the late 1940s, following the end of the Pacific War, Japan was under American occupation for several years. The occupation ended after a few years and Japan became an independent nation, but the American military bases, such as Yokosuka, remained. In order to maintain order in Asia after the Pacific War, the United States paid particular attention to the Korean Peninsula.

Then in 1950, the Korean War broke out, and many of the U.S. soldiers stationed in Japan were mobilized to fight in the war.

At that time, the jackets sold as souvenirs mainly to soldiers stationed in Yokosuka were known as Sukajan (short for Yokosuka jumper).

The shiny satin and soft bechtin materials are typical of souvenirs. These materials are also used for kimonos, and were readily available in postwar Japan.

Furthermore, the embroidery often featured brave Japanese motifs such as dragons, hawks, and tigers, which were the images American soldiers had hoped for in Japan.

This Dry Bones Sukajan jacket is made of satin fabric on both sides.

The front features a large hawk with cherry blossoms and Mt. Fuji, while the back is embroidered with a tiger (a white tiger!).

The front is blue with white accents, and the back is solid black with quilting.

The material is particularly noteworthy. This satin is made of rayon on both sides, which sets it apart from the cheap polyester satin of recent years. The mellow, elegant luster makes it a step above the original.

The front zipper is a reversible YKK zipper, reminiscent of the era.

Normally, the satin on the back of vintage items is white because it is less expensive.

As this is a 21st century model, I would be happy if you could feel that both sides are the front and back.

Try on the impressive embroidery and pretend to be a post-war American soldier or a Japanese delinquent of the time.


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