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Embroidered Open Shirt “WESTERN”

Embroidered Open Shirt “WESTERN”

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DS-2699 Embroidered Open Shirt “WESTERN”

100% Rayon

BLACK is sold out.
Sizes 36 and 42 are sold out.

The design is based on vintage shirts from the 1950s.

The material is rayon broadcloth, which was the most popular material in the 1950s. It is a unique fiber that is moderately heavy yet cool to the touch, and is produced in-house.

The western-style embroidery on the front is vivid. This embroidery was done with a special embroidery machine called "pinpoint embroidery," which has long been used in western designs.

The front buttons are also special buttons called pearl hatches, which are often used in western shirts. This shirt in particular has a diamond design with a stone inside, and was the most popular button in the 1950s. Called tetra pearl hatches, they are a collectible western detail.

The collar is relatively short, reminiscent of the late 1950s. If you wear it under a jacket, the western embroidery that peeks out will look stylish.

Pair this shirt with a ribbon tie or a loop tie for a sophisticated western look.

Of course, the shirt itself has an impactful design, and is a masterpiece worn by many musicians.


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