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Dry Bones

Waiting for production to increase: Gold Rush Waist Overalls

Waiting for production to increase: Gold Rush Waist Overalls

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DP-705 Gold Rush Waist Overalls

100% Cotton

The 30, 32 and 36 inch sizes are sold out.

The design was inspired by the work trousers worn by gold miners during the Gold Rush that took place in what is now California in the mid-19th century.

At that time the word "jeans" did not exist and they were called waist overalls.

Chain stitch machines had not yet been developed, so all basic sewing was done with a felled stitch.

While making full use of the sewing techniques of that time, we also use modern techniques for sewing areas that need to be durable.

The details are very close to what was originally made.

There is only one back pocket on the right side, a design that was common on European items in the 19th century.

It is said that pockets on both sides began to be added around the 1920s.

The belt part has a V-shaped cut in the center back.

This is the amount of extra room around the waist in a time when it was common to wear bottoms with suspenders.

A back strap was also used to adjust the waist.

Dry Bones has adapted to modern circumstances and also uses belt loops.

The location of the coin pocket was also different from today, as it was located across the belt.

Nowadays, this is the position where a belt would generally be placed, which can feel uncomfortable to wear, but in the 19th century, suspenders were still the norm, so this position was probably the best for increasing strength.

There are many small details that have been carefully designed, such as the rust-finished laurel-patterned doughnut buttons and the agent-patterned suspender buttons.

The denim used is 13.5 oz uneven yarn denim.

As for the denim, it is the same as the 1950s denim that fades vertically.

Try to recreate details from over 100 years ago in the 21st century.


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