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Dry Bones

Hand Stitch Open Shirt

Hand Stitch Open Shirt

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DS-2698 Hand Stitch Open Shirt

100% Rayon

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This item is designed and produced based on the plain rayon open-collar shirt that was very popular in the 1940s and 1950s.

In America, which emerged as an overwhelming victor in World War II, the concept of leisure was born among many citizens, and people began to spend their time playing sports and relaxing at resorts.

At such times, "shirts with collars that don't require ties" started to gain popularity. Among them, the most popular were "high-quality shirts that required extra effort."

The material used was rayon, which was cutting edge at the time and was called "artificial silk."

The two pockets on the left and right each have a flap.

The flaps and collars were then finished with decorative stitching that imitated hand stitching. This was only done by hand until the late 1940s, when embroidery machines were developed to create stitches that looked like hand stitching.

Eventually, they could be mass-produced, and by the 1950s, all men, young and old, were wearing these shirts.

In the midst of this, the music known as rock and roll was born in the mid-1950s, and this shirt began to be coordinated as an inner layer under western jackets or resort jackets.

Thus, plain, hand-stitched, open-collar rayon shirts were mass-produced in a huge range of colors.

While taking inspiration from items from that time, the project was designed to be adapted to suit modern Japanese tastes.

At the time, in order to mass produce them, the left and right side seams were reversed to reduce sewing time. This is known as "high right front, high left back" sewing.

By doing this, I was able to eliminate the trouble of having to sew the side seams of the heavy rayon material once, then pull it out of the sewing machine and sew the other side again.

By turning it half a turn on the sewing machine, you can start on the other side seam.

The collar and flaps were also sewn in a bag style back then. This is because not adding stitching makes it look resorty and sporty, and also allows the hand stitching to shine.

And I'll tell you one more secret.

In the 1950s, this style of shirt had a straight collar with a long point, but Dry Bones' collar curves slightly halfway through and then makes a sharp curve at the tip.

This is how it fits the sloping shoulders of many Japanese people. A special mold was even made at the sewing factory to create this collar style.

The material is rayon, just like the original, but rayon twill was chosen to give it a more luxurious feel and improve the drape. Unlike plain weave, it is a twill weave and is heavy, which creates a supple drape.

Although it is a simple plain shirt, it has a vast history, with research conducted on numerous samples and a long history of experience.

Try on this exquisite piece.


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