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HBT Cargo Trousers

HBT Cargo Trousers

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DP-831 HBT Cargo Trousers

100% Cotton

Designed based on European military trousers from the 1930s to 1950s.

The shape is European, and the manufacturing process gives a real handmade feel rather than mass-produced.

For example, all pocket openings have a patch on the inside, making the pockets themselves very durable.

The inside seams are split stitched, not rolled, to reduce strain on the body when riding a horse or bike.

The back of the garment is split in the center, so the belt is also split to match. This is a sewing specification that allows a tailor to make adjustments if slight size adjustments are required.

These trousers were created with that attention to detail that is unique to European military equipment in mind.

The material is cotton herringbone twill.

The colors used are navy and natural, a color scheme often seen in European military gear.

The left side pocket is large, so it can hold as much as a small bag. On the other hand, the pocket on the right front is small and pleated.

Vintage items don't have back pockets, but without one it would be inconvenient in many ways, so I added a patch pocket.

The striped lining gives it a custom-made look. Suspender buttons are hidden from view.

We believe that this is a hidden gem that has been carefully crafted with many small details.


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