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Dry Bones

Horse Hide Motorcycle Jacket

Horse Hide Motorcycle Jacket

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DL-037 Horse Hide Motorcycle Jacket

Horse Hide

Sizes 40 and 42 are sold out.

The project was inspired by the leather jacket worn by Johnny, the protagonist played by Marlon Brando in the 1950s American film "The Wild One."

This film is now said to be the "starting point of post-war motorcycle culture" and was based on an incident that took place in the late 1940s.

A group of young men who had flown fighter planes during World War II, but had not forgotten the thrill of speed, began riding motorbikes together at high speeds.

The leather jacket worn by the leader in this movie was the "double-breasted rider jacket" that remains synonymous with biker fashion to this day.

Those in the vintage world recognized it as a 1950s product made by Durable, and have been planning to reproduce it.

The leather is high-quality horsehide, soft and shiny.

The majority of the jackets that are considered to be fine vintage items are made from expensive horsehide.

Horsehide was originally dyed for flight jackets during the war.

In order to reuse the leather, it was re-dyed with black lacquer, and it is now known as "brown core" and its value is found in the changes it undergoes over time.

The brown core has also been reproduced, allowing you to experience a more realistic 1950s motorcycle jacket.

Other faithful reproductions include the removable collar boa and the special "double genko" snap buttons used to fasten the collar boa.

Additionally, we used ecru for the stitching in areas that are likely to get sunburned during riding scenes to create a faded look.

In addition, the cuff zippers are specially designed to be long and facing forward, a characteristic of Durable.

In addition, cotton sleeve is used on the back of the belt and the epaulettes, ensuring that a scene from the movie is recreated.

Not only is it perfect for bike riding, but it also promises the ultimate in comfort as a leather outerwear.

Please raise it to be your best companion when you need it most.


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