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Dry Bones

Irregular Argyle Socks

Irregular Argyle Socks

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DHH-073 Irregular Argyle Socks

100% Cotton

*This image is for illustrative purposes only, so the color has not been adjusted. Please note that the actual product may differ from the image.

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A reproduction of the irregular argyle socks that were popular in the 1950s .

Irregular argyle can be translated as "incorrect argyle." In other words, it is argyle that is not in the correct arrangement.

This refers to designs that are strangely long or long vertically, or have an irregular layout or color scheme. This type of irregular argyle was very popular in the 1950s .

This was a time when diamond patterns, including argyle, were proliferating, and the more irregular the diamond pattern, the more highly valued it was.

The vertical argyle pattern seen here is also a design unique to this era. The vertical diamond pattern makes the ankles look slimmer, and it seems to have been popular since then.

The pattern itself was borrowed from an American mail-order manufacturer's catalogue from the 1950s.

All of Dry Bones' sock series are knitted using a machine called an intarsia knitting machine.

Jacquard can be knitted at a lower labor cost, but the color of the bottom thread shows through to the surface, so if you want to bring out the colors beautifully, intarsia will produce a more beautiful knit.

The yarn is 100% cotton, count 30.

This is a hidden staple item from Dry Bones that has a reputation for being long-lasting.


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