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Dry Bones

Italian Wiseguy Collar Shirt “TOMMY”

Italian Wiseguy Collar Shirt “TOMMY”

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DS-2703 Italian Wiseguy Collar Shirt “TOMMY”

100% Cotton

Sizes 40 and 42 are sold out.

I made a shirt that the character Tommy (Joe Pesci) wears in the movie "Good Fellas" in the scene where he plans Lufthansa.

The film is a Mafia movie directed by Martin Scorsese, and most of the people in the organization are of Italian descent.

Director Scorsese made the Italian characters all wear long point collar shirts to clarify the setting. This also has a strong influence on the whole story.

Tommy, a friend of the main character Henry, was also a member of the New York Mafia. He has an unpredictable way of losing his temper, making him the type of character you would least want to deal with.

The extremely long, sharp and narrow collar, and the tie worn downwards, are characteristic. The boss, Paulie, and his friend, Henry, are all of Italian descent, so although the fabric and color are different, they all wear the same collar style (Jimmy, played by Robert De Niro, is of Irish descent, so he does not wear this collar style).

This shirt is reproduced as worn by Tommy in Dry Bones.

The front placket is supposed to extend all the way to the bottom, but we have intentionally made it shorter to give it a vintage feel.

Also, one thing we couldn't see in the movie was whether the suit had pockets or not. We decided to include pockets for the convenience of the wearer.

Also, most of the characters have double cuffs symbolically, so I think this is probably the director's preference, and I've faithfully made them double cuffs. Try wearing vulgar, flashy, and large cuffs like Tommy.

Joe Pesci won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for this movie, probably in large part thanks to this costume.


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