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Jean Engineering Denim Pants

Jean Engineering Denim Pants

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DP-582 Jean Engineering Denim Pants

13.5oz Denim Cotton 100%

Sizes 28, 30, 33, 34, and 36 are sold out.

This is the slimmest, tight-fitting straight-type five-pocket denim from Dry Bones' original denim brand, Gene Engineering.

The slim silhouette is reminiscent of the 66 type from the 1960s to around 606.

This series, named JEAN ENGINEERING, uses 13.5 oz selvedge denim .

Selvedge denim, woven with uneven warp threads No. 6 and weft threads No. 7 , is woven on an old loom called a power loom, and is a type of fabric that is now becoming extinct.

The brand name, which plays on the word GENE ENGINEERING, conveys the meaning of passing on these "good things that have been made since ancient times."

So the pocket stitch is a " DNA double helix diagram."

I would be happy if you could infer from this stitching the brand concept of inheriting the good old things and passing them on to the next generation.

The pockets have reinforcing rivets for a classic look.

In addition, a single chain stitch is used to attach the belt, which allows for differences in shrinkage caused by the reversal of the grain.

The side seams are also sewn with a single chain stitch, but this sewing method is used here to create a crisp feeling in the selvedge area after washing.

On the other hand, the front placket is piped rather than sewn with a serger, highlighting the careful craftsmanship of the item.

Other notable features include the folded seam at the crotch and the curved pocket stitching, which all emphasize a respect for vintage items.

A particularly notable feature of this shape is that it fits tightly, making it easy to find a good fit.

Since this denim has a vertical fade and is a tight fit, it is prone to developing hives around the knees and whiskers on the front of the thighs.

It's a silhouette worth cultivating.

Try inheriting the genes of the 1960s while still existing in the 21st century.


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