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L/S Hawaiian Shirt "One-eyed Skull"

L/S Hawaiian Shirt "One-eyed Skull"

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DS-2550 L/S Hawaiian Shirt "One-eyed skull"

100% Rayon

Ink black is sold out.
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I tried to apply a kimono textile design that existed during Japan's Taisho period, in the 1920s, to Hawaiian shirts.

The 1920s in Japan was a time of economic prosperity and the booming boom generation, but it also saw the First Sino-Japanese and Russo-Japanese Wars, and a somewhat decadent and uneasy culture was developing.

In the midst of all this, lowbrow textile designs featuring skulls, monsters and other designs based on the kimono patterns that were mainstream at the time also appeared. They became popular among people known as 'Kenkimono' (eccentrics).

This textile design was projected onto Hawaiian shirts, which were hugely popular in America in the 1950s.

The material is rayon fujiette, with a dark base color and a light-colored skull pattern.

The background features a large floral pattern resembling roses or buttons, which is an exact reproduction of the original pattern.

Furthermore, this item comes with long sleeves. This long sleeve version was created to meet the needs of a certain number of people who absolutely want to wear long sleeves. It is extremely popular among people who are prone to cold or who don't want others to see their arms.

The funky skull pattern, which seems to come from the world of Shigeru Mizuki, is a textile design that is still relevant in the 21st century. Many celebrities are wearing it.


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