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Dry Bones

L/S Open Shirt “Chambray Dobby”

L/S Open Shirt “Chambray Dobby”

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DS-2719 L/S Open Shirt “Chambray Dobby”

61% Rayon, 39% Cotton

A dobby-woven open-collar shirt that was popular in the 1950s and 1960s.

The fabric is a blend of rayon and cotton. These two types of yarn are woven together to create a stylish diamond pattern and stripes.

Rayon, which is relatively familiar to Dry Bones, is a "regenerated fiber" made by chemically processing wood pulp as a raw material. On the other hand, cotton is a natural fiber made by spinning cotton plants.

Rayon has a silk-like luster. Cotton is sweat-absorbent and is a suitable material for summer.

The apparel scene in the 1950s, when natural and recycled fibers were at the forefront, is expressed through the diamond pattern (lozenge), which was also very popular at the time.

The natural Takase shell buttons give it a luxurious feel.

The back of the yoke is lined with cupra satin for a smoother feel. This pattern is a reproduction of the vintage look, down to the diamonds and stripe pitch.

Also known as the "Nifty Fifties," this is a masterpiece that shines with skill.

Although it is a simple piece, it is a supreme shirt that has been reproduced with attention to detail.


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