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L/S Print Open Shirt “BOOMERANG”

L/S Print Open Shirt “BOOMERANG”

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DS-2557 L/S Print Open Shirt “BOOMERANG”

100% Rayon

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This is an exact reproduction of an actual textile design from the 1950s.
The color scheme is also one that existed at the time.
The 1950s was also known as the Atomic Age, and saw the creation of many spacious and modern designs.
It permeates everything, including textiles, furniture, and paper media.
This design later came to be called the "kidney shape" and became a collectible item.
This boomerang motif was also a typical design at the time.
I happened to get my hands on some deadstock fabric from that time, so I was able to perfectly reproduce the dimensions, placement, and even the strength of the lines.
I think it would probably be indistinguishable even if you compared it to the original.
The material is the same rayon sheeting as back then.
Rayon is also known as "artificial silk" and is characterized by its soft, silky feel.
Because it has a glossy appearance and good moisture absorption properties, it was a material that was often used for sportswear in resort areas at the time.
The stitching also reproduces the double chain stitching of the 1950s.
In addition, the pocket patterns are all cut by hand, showcasing precise craftsmanship.


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