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Dry Bones

Leather and Sheepskin Jacket "GRIZZLY"

Leather and Sheepskin Jacket "GRIZZLY"

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DL-054 Leather and Sheepskin Jacket "GRIZZLY"

Horse Hide & Mouton

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This design was inspired by the Grizzly Jacket, an outdoor sports jacket from the 1930s.

This style of sports jacket, commonly known as the "Kuma Jan," was produced at the time for outdoor use in extremely cold regions.

The extremely insulating mouton is combined with thick, supple horsehide.

Many vintage pieces have severe deterioration in the mouton part, and very few can be worn as everyday clothing, so some enthusiasts have long been hoping for a reproduction to be produced.

This is a long-awaited project that has been launched after receiving a lot of feedback.

Not only is it an accurate reproduction of mouton and horsehide, but the lining is made of deadstock printed flannel fabric.

I think it pretty much recreates the atmosphere of that time.

Also, open zippers were still rare in the 1930s, so the zipper used was an old type called a U-shaped zipper that had no stop function.

To prevent the zipper from coming down, a leather strap is attached to the top and fastened with a button.

The pull handle has the classic fan-shaped design, just like those from the 1930s.

This is exactly the same as the original.

The cuffs are buttoned, but feature circular knit ribbing to provide added protection against the cold.

When viewed from various angles, I think it has evolved even further in addition to being a vintage reproduction.

This is a masterpiece that will surely become a vintage and antique item 100 years from now.


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