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Linen Two-Tack Trousers

Linen Two-Tack Trousers

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DP-843 Linen Two-Tack Trousers

100% Linen

Sizes 30 and 32 are sold out.

We have recreated the dressy two-pleat trousers that were popular from the late 1940s to the mid-1950s.

After the end of World War II, America, the only victorious country, experienced an unprecedented boom. People of all ages began to wear resort wear on their holidays.

At that time, drapey rayon and linen materials were popular for jackets and bottoms, and the colors were bright and colorful.

The two-pleat trousers of this era have a very unique shape. They are called "Hollywood belts" and have no seams in the belt area, with the body of the trousers becoming the belt itself.

And almost without exception, it was two tucks.

Also, the side pockets are not made using seams, but are attached directly to the front body with double welts (commonly known as "sudden pockets"). This method of construction is very tedious and extravagant.

The belt loops were also sewn with a hem, and almost without exception the side seams were hand stitched.

These trousers focus on the two-pleat trousers of this era and are recreated using linen material.

The "Hollywood belt," "instant pocket," "stitched belt loops," "hand-stitched side seams"...all are beautifully reproduced.

The silhouette was in line with the fashion of the time, with the thighs being quite wide and tapered towards the hem.

Pair it with a vibrant top for a 1950s resort look.


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