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Dry Bones

M-1943 Type Deck Jacket

M-1943 Type Deck Jacket

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DJ-1113 M-1943 Type Deck Jacket

100% Cotton

Sizes 36, 38, and 40 are sold out.

The design is based on the M-1943 type deck jacket that was worn by the US Navy in the 1940s.

Deck jackets were originally made as jackets for working on the decks of battleships.

They first had a button fly, then a zipper fly...

Because the work was done at sea, zippers were often corroded by salt damage.

Therefore, a hook that is easy to open and close even with gloved hands was developed and used on this jacket.

However, as the parts evolved further, this jacket was short-lived.

Therefore, it continues to be traded at high prices as a rare item in the vintage industry.

Dry Bones finally found this hook part, so we have further improved it and produced it.

Not only the hooks, but also the high-density orange cotton outer material and the thick wool melton lining are faithfully reproduced.

Additionally, we have used washable leather in areas that are subject to frequent wear, such as pocket openings, which is a common occurrence when finding vintage items, to ensure that the items can be worn beautifully.

Additionally, the "USNAVY" stencil on the back is a reflective print, just like the one from that time.

It is highly visible from quite a distance and has become a kind of icon.

Experience the power of the US Navy during World War II in 21st century Japan.

▼This deck jacket is accompanied by deck overalls, which were created as part of the same project.

Deck Overalls: DJ-1118 Deck Overalls


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