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Dry Bones

Mesh 2-tone Spectator Shoes

Mesh 2-tone Spectator Shoes

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DSHC-051 Mesh 2-tone Spectator Shoes

Cow Hide

This is a reproduction of the spectator shoes that were popular in American resort areas from the 1920s to the 1950s.

In the 1920s, when men's casual wear was becoming established, two-tone leather shoes became popular, mainly for wearing to watch sports.

The main features were U-tips and wing-tips, with light-colored uppers and dark brown or black leather on the toes and wings. The light-colored parts were often made of the same material in different colors, or with suede or deerskin lining.

Occasionally, breathable materials such as cotton canvas and the recently developed nylon mesh were used.

The Spectator shoes designed by Dry Bones are two-tone U-tips made of nylon mesh, which were popular in the 1940s.

The basic shape of the Spectator shoe has been faithfully reproduced, with some slight modifications.

The nylon mesh upper is made in off-white and is produced in Japan. It contrasts beautifully with the brown and black leather, and is highly breathable, lightweight, and extremely strong.

This type of design is called an inner wingtip style, where the parts through which the laces pass are recessed into the upper leather and do not open fully.

Westerners with low and narrow insteps can wear this design well, but for Asians with high insteps, the inner wing style leaves this area open and makes them look rather ugly.

So I talked to the pattern maker at the shoe factory and we decided to extend the tips of the wings by 5 to 8 mm on each side. By doing so, it would be possible to tie the laces neatly.

Until now, there have not been many Asians who wear inner wingtip leather shoes beautifully. I am proud that we have been able to make this a reality.

Furthermore, the thin leather on the edge is an original "double edge" specification. The FAD, which was only popular in the 1950s, is expressed on the edge.

The protruding welt makes the entire shoe look larger, and also matches the bold look that was popular at the time.

Furthermore, to embody the elegant style of men's shoes of the time, we deliberately chose to use leather soles. A natural material with good moisture absorption and perspiration properties, it removes moisture from the soles of the feet, which are said to be the areas that sweat the most.

We choose materials and stitching methods such as pigskin lining and McKay construction to make the bag as light as possible.

We offer classic and elegant leather shoes that are easy to wear and walk in.


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