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Moleskin Jockey Vest

Moleskin Jockey Vest

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DV-116 Moleskin Jockey Vest

100% Cotton

Size 42 is sold out.

This is a reproduction of a classic vest from the 1930s .

It has a timeless design with four pockets, but by not removing darts it is more spacious.

Of particular note is the back slack, which features a large back strap and double lining with large oval stitching.

We also deliberately used cotton sheeting for the lining to create a classic feel.

The outer material is a moleskin weave made of cotton.

Moleskin is a type of twill weave that has a very firm texture due to its high density.

This is a labor-intensive material, with a herringbone and stripe pigment print applied on top of the moleskin fabric.

The buttons are notched resin buttons in the style of the 1930s.

The notches give it a more classic feel.

The stylish way to wear it is to leave the bottom button unbuttoned.

This is a way of wearing it that does not restrict leg movement, and it seems that many people used the bottom buttonhole to pass a watch chain through.

▼This vest is also available with a jacket and trousers in the same fabric, so you can have all three pieces together.

Jacket: DJ-1153 Moleskin Prisoner Jacket

Trousers : DP-828 Moleskin Work Trousers


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