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Dry Bones

Nep Tweed Half Coat

Nep Tweed Half Coat

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DJ-1063 Nep Tweed Half Coat

77% wool, 14% nylon, 8% cotton, 1% acrylic

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We have designed a 1950s style half-length coat using deadstock wool fabric.

The material is wool blend napped tweed, and the thick design threads are eye-catching. Since it is dead stock, there are not many produced. Therefore, we paid special attention to the small details.

The collar and hem have triple stitches in pairs. These serve two different purposes: to hold down the collar core and to hold down the quilting at the hem. However, we have deliberately used triple stitches to create a design.

The cuff strap has three buttons to match the three stitches. Having three buttons on the cuffs, which will be visible on occasion, gives a luxurious image.

The shoulder seam transition stitching is directly connected to the sleeve transition stitching. It is a carefully crafted piece of sewing, with the stitching being the least noticeable.

To make the collar easier to sit on, we added a collar stand only on the inside. This makes use of the inner collar difference.

The reverse side is covered in lavish cupra quilting, with cotton lining only under the armpits.
It also takes sweat-wicking into consideration.

In the 1950s, adults would wear half coats like this over their jackets to keep warm.

However, teenagers at the time would wear their fathers' or older brothers' half coats over jeans, dressing them up like car coats.

This is a piece that gives us a glimpse into the social climate of the time.


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