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Newspaper Bag

Newspaper Bag

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DBG-024 Newspaper Bag

100% Cotton

We used a vintage newspaper bag from the 1940s or 1950s as a starting point to create an improved version that is easier to use.

As the name suggests, a newspaper bag is a bag made to carry newspapers in for delivery. For that reason, it is quite long horizontally and has the name of the newspaper to be delivered printed on the body.

The material is basically a sturdy cotton canvas and there is no lid, or even if there is one, it is just a simple lid that you put on.

In addition, they come with wide belts to withstand the weight, but most of these belts cannot be adjusted to fit your size.

So we looked for a shape that would be easy to use while still taking advantage of the good things about vintage items.

First of all, the size. Vintage newspaper bags are about 60cm long to put newspapers in. This length makes them too big to be used as a bag, and if a thin person carries them on the shoulder, they will wrap around their body.

Therefore, we made the width 45cm so that A4 documents can fit inside easily.

Also, since it would be inconvenient and unsafe to have one without a lid, we added a lid and equipped the corners with metal twist locks. It's a simple mechanism, but it gives off a simple and sturdy vibe.

The wide belt remains the same, but now comes with a size adjuster so that the size can be adjusted.

The Japanese name for this size adjuster is Koki, and the metal Koki used here is the widest one found in Japan.

In addition, urethane is inserted on the inside of the belt halfway through to reduce strain on the shoulders.

The material is the standard cotton canvas, and we deliberately left it plain without any prints.

You can draw illustrations, add your favorite words, add badges or chenille...I've made it so that you can have fun with it in various ways.

A modern newspaper bag, a versatile bag that can be worn for any occasion.


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