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Dry Bones

Ombre Check 2 Flap Open Shirt

Ombre Check 2 Flap Open Shirt

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DS-2715 Ombre Check 2 Flap Open Shirt

100% Cotton

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This is a two-flap open-collar shirt, typical of the 1950s, made from cotton flannel.

Moreover, it is a very striking material with large knotted yarn woven into the yarn-dyed ombre check.

The shape is a Dry Bones classic, with a long point and two flap pockets. It is what is known as a "quintessential 1950s design."

However, it is actually made with great attention to detail...

This regular check pattern makes it easy to see, but when viewed from the front you can see that the pocket flaps are slightly raised outward.

The difference was only 5 mm compared to the 12 cm pocket width. By increasing this 5 mm, the man's build appeared to be more "simple and sturdy," which was the style of the time.

On the other hand, if the pocket flaps are completely horizontal, the outer edges will hang down when the garment is worn, making it look flimsy.

Similarly, the long-pointed collar is cut so that when the first button is open, the collar appears to rise slightly toward the shoulders. This helps to create a pattern that does not make the shoulders look sloping.

It's a typical, ordinary shirt from the 1950s, but in fact it contains the "secrets of men's clothing."


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