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Open Shirt "BUBBLE"

Open Shirt "BUBBLE"

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DS-2474 Open Shirt "BUBBLE"

100% Cotton

This is a perfect reproduction of the "Bubble pattern" that existed in the 1950s.

The material is the same as the original, cotton broadcloth. It's a cotton material that can be washed in water, so I'm happy that I can wear it without worrying about anything.

This textile resembles an abstract painting of the surface of water and carbon dioxide, which will come in handy from spring to summer. It has something in common with the modern designs that were popular at the time.

The shape is the same as that of the original open-collar shirt.

The collar is slightly curved upwards, so when worn open, it makes the shoulders appear raised. This cutting work is perfect for those who are troubled by sloping shoulders.

The sewing specifications are the same as those of the time, with the side seams being "high on the right front and high on the left back". This is a remnant of the time when, in order to keep up with the rapid growth in consumption in the 1950s, the sewing machine and sewing place were not changed, and the sewing material was turned over on the spot and sewn. Brands that follow this specification are quite rare all over the world.

Although short sleeves are the norm for vintage clothing, we also offer long sleeves for those who insist on only wearing long sleeves. They are also popular among those who don't like getting sunburned.


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