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Dry Bones

Poster “20 50 70”

Poster “20 50 70”

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DPR-006 Poster “20 50 70”

MATERIAL: Pepper (velvet finish)

SIZE: Approx. 27cm x 63cm

This poster was designed by Rockin' Jelly Bean, one of Japan's leading lowbrow artists, who has designed numerous movie posters and CD jackets.

The design is inspired by the 1920s (JAZZ AGE), 1950s (GOLDEN AGE), and 1970s (SPEED AGE).

The 1920s features burlesque dancers with butterfly wings and wind instruments reminiscent of jazz. The 1950s features cowgirls, 45 rpm records that symbolize the birth of rock, toy poodles, and spacey movie characters. The 1970s features American cars that evoke the image of muscle cars, roller skates, and other women and popular motifs that symbolize each decade are depicted in separate frames.

The poster is printed on velour paper, a material that was popular in lowbrow art in the 1950s and 1960s.

The print is drawn using a small number of colors and the background is matte black, making the print stand out and creating an exotic impression. It comes with an original wooden frame, giving it a luxurious finish.

This poster is a set of three pictures, so just by hanging it up, it will attract the attention of the viewer and create a more stylish look in your room. In addition, it is a compact size, so it is easy to display.

This poster is limited to 60 copies, and the serial number will be printed on the back.
Please note that you cannot choose the serial number.


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