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Dry Bones

Poster "SUKEBAN"

Poster "SUKEBAN"

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DPR-003 Poster "SUKEBAN"

SIZE: 28.3 cm x 59.5 cm

The third poster designed by Rockin' Jelly Bean (hereinafter RJB), a masked lowbrow artist representing Japan!

This popular design, which is also an original Hawaiian shirt, was commissioned to be created by Mr. Ikeda under the theme of "CULT MOVIE CLASSICS."

The story is set in the 1970s in Japan. In the film, a delinquent girl rides a motorbike and gets into a fight. The scent of a dangerous woman wafts through the air, and the peonies and butterflies add to the allure.

The printing is done using offset printing, and the backing paper is rough and lightly colored, giving it a very old-fashioned feel.

The size is 28.3cm x 59.5cm. It is a compact size that is easy to display in your room.


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