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Dry Bones

Print T-Shirt “2023 SHIMODA”

Print T-Shirt “2023 SHIMODA”

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PT-871 Print T-Shirt “2023 SHIMODA”

100% Cotton

This is a printed T-shirt designed and produced for the "VIVA Izu Shimoda Let's Go Rockin' Rollin'' event held in April 2023.

Dry Bones was also asked to participate as a participating member for the first time, so to commemorate this we created a design related to Shirahama, Shimoda City, Shizuoka Prefecture.

Actually, I am very interested in the arrival of Perry (a member of the secret society of Freemasons) at the end of the Edo period.

Going back 100 years from our favorite era, the 1950s, it is a historical fact that the arrival of the US Navy fleet led by Perry in Uraga in 1853 had a major impact on the subsequent restoration of imperial rule.

The city of Uraga where Perry arrived is now part of Yokosuka city, but from the 1850s to the 1940s it served as the "entrance to the defense line" to protect the capital Tokyo (Edo). It is paired with Tateyama on the Boso Peninsula, on the other side of Tokyo Bay. As proof of this, Uraga has a shrine on the mountaintop called "Awaguchi Shrine," where a sacred rock is enshrined as the deity, and the origin of the name, "Awa," refers to the southernmost tip of the Boso Peninsula. In other words, Uraga on the Miura Peninsula and Tateyama on the Boso Peninsula are paired.

After Perry arrived and demanded the opening of Japan, the Tokugawa Shogunate decided to open several ports, one of which was Izu Shimoda.

Why Shimoda and not Uraga? This may have been due to geopolitical reasons, such as not wanting foreign ships to enter Tokyo Bay, but personally, I think it was because the Tokugawa Shogunate responded with color, saying "White Beach for the Black Ships."

There is also a place called Shirahama in Minamiboso City at the southernmost tip of the Boso Peninsula. However, this Shirahama was also not opened to the port because it was too close to Tokyo Bay.

Also, along the Pacific coast of Japan, there are many place names with the name "Shirahama" starting from Kyushu. They also exist in Kagoshima and Kochi, as well as Nanki Shirahama, Atsumi Peninsula Shirahama, Izu Peninsula Shirahama, Boso Peninsula Shirahama, and Kashima Nada Shirahama. All of these overlap with the area where the Jomon people traveled by riding the Kuroshio Current.

The Kuroshio Current, the Kurofune, and Shirahama. This cultural exchange overlaps with the birth of rock and roll, which was created when black gospel music mixed with white hillbilly music.

It also seems to suggest that the Jomon period was connected to 1950s rock and roll through Freemasonry.

I have tried to incorporate my quirky way of thinking into a printed T-shirt in the style of a map sukajan jacket.

This is a print that would be perfect for fans of rock and roll, as well as those who love cultures such as the Jomon period, the end of the Edo period, and secret societies.


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