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Pullover Italian Collar Shirt

Pullover Italian Collar Shirt

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DC-704 Pullover Italian Collar Shirt

100% Cotton

The design is based on cut-and-sew sports shirts from the 1950s.

The inlay is made of 100% cotton, a material known as Kantsoe. It is a cool-looking material with coarse, thick threads that come out in ring shapes on the surface.

Using this material, I created a pullover type item with an Italian collar.

There is a straight cut at the chest, which is where the pullover stops. It has a shallow opening, typical of the 1950s.

The buttons are typical mushroom-shaped buttons with legs from the 1950s, and are dyed to match the background color.

There is a pocket on the left chest, which is useful when you stop wearing outerwear and have fewer pockets.

The colors are typical of the time, smoky gray, camel, and red. Of course, this item has a strong presence even on its own, and because it's solid, it's easy to match with patterned trousers.

It's also great to wear over your swimwear.

If you layer a jacket over it, it can also be worn in more stylish settings.


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