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Dry Bones

S/S Border Italian Collar Shirt

S/S Border Italian Collar Shirt

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DS-2688 S/S Border Italian Collar Shirt

100% Cotton

A project that revives designs that were popular among American teenagers in the late 1950s.

The material is cotton dobby stripes. I found some deadstock with a beautiful, fine striped pattern, so I decided to steal it and make it look like it was from the 1950s.

When making a shirt using striped fabric with a border pattern, the most important thing is to match the patterns...but even with such a fine border pattern, we have matched the patterns on the front and pockets without compromise.

In order to create a classic look, we used plain cupra on the back of the yoke. Since cotton dobby can be slippery and difficult to wear, we chose a smooth material for the back of the yoke that touches the body. Combined with the cat's eye buttons for export, it really has a period feel to it.

Why not try wearing this rough, moisture-absorbing cotton material in a wicked, delinquent-like style from the time?


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