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S/S Hawaiian Shirt “MEXICO”

S/S Hawaiian Shirt “MEXICO”

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DS-2696 S/S Hawaiian Shirt “MEXICO”

100% Rayon

BLUE GRAY size 38 is sold out.

A faithful reproduction of the textile that existed in the 1950s.

In the 1950s, the US was experiencing a resort boom, and tourism to neighboring countries like Cuba, Jamaica, and Costa Rica became commonplace.

Among them, one of the most popular Caribbean countries was Mexico. Originally a neighbor of the United States, Mexico had many immigrants. There was a lot of cultural exchange, and even today, many people of Mexican origin live in the southwestern part of the country. We made Hawaiian shirts based on textiles that depict the lives of these people.

Along with tropical palm trees and pineapples, the design features a farmer wearing a sombrero and a mariachi singer with a guitar, with cacti in the background.

The material is rayon filament. Thin, strong rayon thread is tightly twisted and woven to give it a glossy, cool feel. It is the best material for Hawaiian shirts.

Try putting it on and imagine you're at a resort in the Caribbean. You'll almost hear the lively mariachi music.

Click here to see the Boshu Uchiwa "MEXICO" fan that uses the same textile .


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