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S/S Hawaiian Shirt “MONSTERA”

S/S Hawaiian Shirt “MONSTERA”

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DS-2642 S/S Hawaiian Shirt “MONSTERA”
100% Cotton

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I made a shirt using fabric with a Monstera motif, which was very popular in the mainland United States and Hawaii in the 1950s.

In the 1950s, after America had won the war, tropical plants from the countries where soldiers were stationed became very popular. Like this fabric, the most representative was the Monstera, but there were also other plants such as Bird of Paradise and Hibiscus. By placing these plants in everyday life, a resort atmosphere was created.

Monstera in particular is characterized by its exotic leaf shape. Because it is a relatively easy plant to grow, it has become very popular not only in Hawaii but also in warm regions such as California.

The fabric used this time is deadstock cotton broadcloth made in the United States. We only purchased a small amount of it that was imported to Japan.

The back of the yoke is equipped with cupra satin, a smooth and comfortable material to wear.

The shape is long point and open collar. I tried to focus on the early 1950s style.

This is a resort-like pattern that will evoke the atmosphere of an American resort during the hot summer months.

As this is deadstock fabric, production is limited. Hurry and get yours.


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