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S/S Madras Check Italian Collar Shirt

S/S Madras Check Italian Collar Shirt

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DS-2687 S/S Madras Check Italian Collar Shirt

COLOR: BLUE / 100% Cotton

COLOR: BROWN / 100% Linen

While following the design of the late 1950s, I used the madras pattern that was popular at the time.

The cotton material Indian Madras is a check pattern that represents the UK. The original meaning of the name is the fabric woven in the Madras region of India (now renamed Chennai), but in the past, during the British Empire, Britain imported this fabric in large quantities from its colony of India and used it for a variety of items. In addition to men's shirts, it was also used for sheets, handkerchiefs, vehicle covers, etc. It is a traditional material that promoted high-quality Indian cotton products to the whole world through Britain.

This material was used to create an Italian collar shirt, which was popular on the West Coast of the United States in the late 1950s. Normally, the Ivy League boom would have occurred in the eastern United States during that time, but on the West Coast, open-collar shirts with a stronger resort feel were in fashion. So we deliberately selected the most resort-like Italian collar.

In addition, to give it a classic look, the back of the yoke is lined with cotton lining. Combined with the genuine Takase shell buttons and baseball-shaped chest pockets, it really does have a period feel to it.

Made from a coarse cotton material with excellent moisture absorption properties, it is a must-have item for summer.


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