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S/S Pullover Shirt “CONDOR”

S/S Pullover Shirt “CONDOR”

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DS-2581 S/S Pullover Shirt “CONDOR”

100% Cotton

This shirt was designed and produced based on the "Condor" pattern, a legendary shirt from the 1950s that is said to be the rarest of all Stars of Hollywood shirts.

Star of Hollywood was a brand that existed in the 1950s. It is a legendary brand that only produced a few lowbrow and exotic patterns, such as spider and snake patterns, before disappearing.

Most of the patterns are basically made of rayon, but for some reason, this condor pattern is made of cotton broadcloth. Therefore, it is said that there are the fewest of them left.

In addition, due to the fashion at the time, only short-sleeved, three-button pullovers of all patterns are known to exist. Because there are many collectors around the world, it is said in the vintage industry that there will be very few of them on the market again.

We have reproduced this masterpiece exactly the same, down to the materials, shape, and color scheme.

A malevolent condor sits atop a skull and dominates the front, while the back features a desolate desert landscape dotted with cow skeletons and cacti.

The collar style is the same as the original, with slightly rounded tips.

The front placket is a pullover style with a 13-14cm gap, and the buttons are original dyed mushroom buttons with legs.

It has been completed as a masterpiece that will impress even American collectors. It is a wonderful piece that will shine as a collection piece.


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