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Shark Gill Open Shirt

Shark Gill Open Shirt

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DS-2679 Shark Gill Open Shirt

100% Rayon

A reproduction of the Sharkgill open collar shirt, a hidden gem from the 1950s.

Many asymmetrical shirts like this one were made in the 1950s, full of fun. However, most were made to order at the time, and most were one-offs, like stage costumes.

However, this shark gill design was produced in a wide variety of colors even back then. I guess it was popular.

Only the right front body has a double diagonal cut, where a different color fabric is cut and sewn into a gill-like part. The presser stitch has a hand-stitched AMF embroidery stitch, and the same color scheme is used for the switching on both sides of the left pocket.

The sheer waste of design gives a strong sense of the "power of playfulness" of the 1950s.

The material is the original rayon broadcloth. It has a matte texture, crispness, and a weight that creates a beautiful drape. It is probably made with higher quality than the original.

Come experience the elegance of the 1950s.


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