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Silver Cat Ring "TABBY"

Silver Cat Ring "TABBY"

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DAS-393 Silver Cat Ring "TABBY"


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We designed a ring based on the motif of a feline's face, a motif that has continued from the Middle Ages to the present day.

Since ancient times, cat motif accessories have been made with various meanings. Cats are said to be a symbol of good fortune, and it has been believed that seeing a cat will bring good fortune.

Cats have also been kept as beneficial animals since ancient times, as they drive away mice and other animals from warehouses and homes. For this reason, wearing accessories with a cat motif has the meaning of "protecting evil spirits."

Furthermore, cats have been considered a symbol of prosperity because of their strong reproductive ability.

Also, because cats can find and capture prey in the dark, they have been popular as a tool to hone insight and intuition.

This feline ring, which has many such benefits, is made from sterling silver.

For the eyes, I used pale green zirconia. I chose this stone because brown and tabby cats, which are common in Japan, tend to have green eyes.

That's why the ring name is "TABBY," which means striped.

The origin of cats living in Japan is said to be the African wildcat, which was a mackerel tabby, or sable-tabby pattern. Sable-tabby is also known as silver tabby, and kijitora is also known as brown tabby.

Feline motif rings have been loved by many people since ancient times and have brought much good fortune.

Why not try wearing such a lucky ring?


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