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Dry Bones

Solid Color Nep Casquette

Solid Color Nep Casquette

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DCH-595 Solid Color Nep Casquette

98% cotton, 2% polyurethane

This image is for illustrative purposes only, so the color has not been adjusted. Please note that the actual product may differ from the image.

The design is based on hats that were popular in the 1920s and 1930s.

Originally, this kind of hat is generally called a hunting cap in English, but...

In Japan, when we think of a hunting cap, we tend to think of a hat with only one piece of fabric on top. So Dry Bones named this hat with eight pieces of fabric "casquette" (meaning cap in English) after the hat that appeared in an old French movie.

The fabric used is cotton chambray, which has long been worn in America as workwear. This chambray has thick naps and a cool, beautiful undulation. It's a fun material that gets tighter with use and changes over time as cotton.

It is made in a single piece, so it is beautifully sewn with the assumption that the inside will be visible.

The piping is cotton bias tape.
This tape is designed to apply force at an angle, so it is effective at maintaining a shape that wraps around the head.

The inside of the brim is made of the same material as the hat, and no interlining is used, so it will become distorted with use. Unlike new hats, it does not use a plastic interlining, so there is no need to worry about it cracking easily.

The lining is made of elastic soccer tack, which gently wraps around the head.

It features stitch work, and the off-white stitching goes well with other work items.

Having one is a useful item as it can be matched with a variety of styles.


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