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Solid Flannel Work Shirt

Solid Flannel Work Shirt

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DS-2661 Solid Flannel Work Shirt

100% Cotton

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The project is based on the work shirts of a certain American brand from the 1920s and 1930s.

The brand's shirts are famous for being nicknamed "Gacha Poke," which comes from the fact that the left and right pockets are asymmetrical and clatter-like.

The right side is box-shaped with pleats at the bottom, and is shaped primarily for storing box-shaped items such as cigarettes and matches, a style commonly known as Manhattan processing.

The pocket on the left is longer and was intended for storing long items such as pens and rulers. Therefore, this pocket also has a pen pocket made of a different fabric on the inside.

The front placket does not go all the way down, but is cut off midway. It is designed to be tucked into trousers, so it does not get bulky inside the bottoms.

So by wearing this part exposed, you can show your consideration.

Like the work shirts of the time, the back of the collar and the back of the yoke are made of lining. Strong fabric is used for the parts that are likely to be rubbed.

The material is cotton flannel, a plain weave cotton fabric that has been brushed to give it a warm feel.

There are surprisingly few plain flannel shirts, so I think you can expand your range of coordination by wearing a patterned inner layer.

Try wearing America from before World War II, when it still had a handmade feel.


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