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Sparkle Eyes Skull Ring "SILVER"

Sparkle Eyes Skull Ring "SILVER"

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DAS-305 Sparkle Eyes Skull Ring "SILVER"


This ring is modified from an American ring from the 1950s.

I originally owned an American vintage piece with the exact same design. The skull face is beautifully sculpted, and the base is decorated with crossbones on the back. The design is so good…

Since they were made as toys, they were of very low quality. The material is nickel silver (an alloy of copper and zinc), which is hard, but it is stamped out by a press and is very thin...If you wear it for a long time, it can hurt your finger or the ring itself can become distorted.

So we just molded the design exactly as it was, and produced it in silver 925. The back side was also not carved out at all, so it has a considerable weight to it.

The eyes are made of red zirconia (artificial diamond), giving off a shine that truly lives up to the name Sparkle Eye.

Also, most vintage items are made in Mexico and are free size, but this ring is available in 5 sizes. You can wear it on your thumb like a biker, or on your pinky finger as an accent.


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