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Step Ribbon Braid Hat “SMALL PATTERN”

Step Ribbon Braid Hat “SMALL PATTERN”

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DCH-579 Step Ribbon Braid Hat "SMALL PATTERN"

Paper Blade

This image is for illustrative purposes only, so the color has not been adjusted. Please note that the actual product may differ from the image.

A classic gangster style hat with a 12cm high crown and a 7cm wide brim.
The material is polyester blend blade.
Long, thin, tape-like material called braid, a few millimeters wide, is layered and sewn together in a spiral to create a round shape.
A hidden gem that requires skilled techniques to create the beautiful circle.
It is then fitted into a mold and sprayed with starch to harden it.
Japanese summers are hot and humid, so a hat with a wide, light-blocking brim, a crown height that keeps you from getting stuffy, and a blade material that is breathable is ideal.
The ribbon is an original rayon printed step ribbon.
Rayon Fujiet material is printed and dyed into small pattern shirt fabric, which is then processed at a ribbon factory.
This is a one-of-a-kind blade hat that can be paired with a shirt.


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