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Dry Bones

Straw Boater Hat

Straw Boater Hat

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DCH-439 Straw Boater Hat

Wheat Blade

M (58cm), L (60cm)
Crown height: approx. 9cm
Brim width: approx. 5.5cm
Ribbon width: approx. 4cm

What is a boater hat? As the name suggests, it was originally made to be worn by people who row boats.

To make it resistant to water, it is hardened with varnish and glue, and because it makes a clanging sound when struck, it is known in Japan as the "cancan hat."

The crown and brim are flat, which is a distinctive feature of this hat. Dry Bones uses black only for the stitching on the brim, differentiating it from other companies.

The material used is the high-quality "thin wheat braid." Braid is a long, thin piece of fiber woven into a tape shape, which is then sewn into a spiral shape to create a round shape. Enjoy the texture of the finest fine wheat braid, which has been around since ancient times.

The tape on the surface of the crown is made of rayon grosgrain, a material that changes shape with body heat, so it fits better the more you wear it.

The inside is lined with cotton broadcloth, and the inside is made of original genuine leather. Both are printed with gold foil.

In addition, the intersection of the sliders is decorated with a tassel, a part that is only used on high-end hats.

Come experience the "genuine classic style" offered by Dry Bones.


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