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Striped Prisoner Jacket

Striped Prisoner Jacket

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DJ-1134 Striped Prisoner Jacket

100% Cotton

The design is based on the work prisoner jackets, commonly known as prison clothes, that were made between the 1910s and 1940s.

It is based on the prison uniforms used in Europe and the United States, mainly until World War II. The unusually thick border stripes were easy to see from a distance, which helped a lot in preventing escapes.

The front has four buttons and is very simple.

Normally, work jackets from this era have metal buttons to make them more durable, but for prison uniforms, urea buttons have long been used to prevent escapes. This material won't chip away at the concrete of the prison.

There will also be name tag tape on the chest with the prison number engraved on it.

There were two pockets on the waist for minimal work use.

The hem is cut with a large curve so it doesn't interfere with leg movement.

Normally, since these are prison uniforms, the cutting and sewing are often rough, but as a pride of a men's clothing brand, we have made sure to create them with careful attention to detail, such as double-stitched chain stitching and matching patterns on the front body and pockets.

You can also wear it as unusual workwear.
Or, if you're a fan of a certain band, you can wear it as part of a matching outfit.

This item can be paired with a jacket and pants

Pants: DP-811 Prisoner Seamless Work Trousers


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