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Dry Bones

Triple Buckle "SWORD"

Triple Buckle "SWORD"

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DZJ-017 Triple Buckle "SWORD"

Pewter (zinc-tin alloy)

We created a belt buckle based on the motif of a motorcycle tank.

The design is based on the tank known as the "Triple Katana" from KAWASAKI's 2-stroke triple series.

The paint was sourced from DuPont in the United States, and reproduces the candy paint of the time! The solid part in the center is also painted, and then a clear coat is sprayed on the surface, resulting in an elaborate finish.

Additionally, the candy purple color is inspired by the 1975 H2C (750cc), the candy green color is inspired by the 1975 H1E (500cc) and S3A (400cc), the candy super red color is inspired by the 1975 H2C (750cc) and S3A (400cc), and the candy sky blue color is inspired by the 1975 H1C (750cc) and S1C (250cc).

Why not try incorporating a colorful and impactful belt into your outfit?

We also recommend choosing a color that matches the tank of your car.


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