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W Gusset Ringer TS

W Gusset Ringer TS

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DC-709 W Gusset Ringer TS

100% Cotton

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The design was inspired by short-sleeved sweatshirts from the 1940s.

At the time, short-sleeved sweatshirts were popular among American students as sportswear. They were made of 30-count cotton on the outside and 10-count fleece on the inside, making them a brushed garment.

In the dry Americas, it might have been fine as sportswear to absorb sweat, but in humid Japan, short-sleeved fleece sweatshirts were not often worn, and were a "difficult piece of clothing" only circulated among collectors.

Furthermore, it comes with double gussets on the front and back, and the ribbed parts have different colors, making it an extremely rare item.

So I thought I would try and recreate this extremely rare item to suit the Japanese climate.

The fabric is 14-count cotton jersey, a thick and opaque material, but because it is single-ply it is highly absorbent and comfortable.

Just like the Ringer T-shirt, we changed the collar ribbing and cuff ribbing to a darker color to add an accent.

In addition, a gusset (V-shaped rib switching) is attached to the front and back double, appealing a classic feel. By the way, what is a gusset? In Japan, it is sometimes called "sweat stopper", but that is an urban legend.

In fact, in the days when spun yarn (yarn with a rubber core) had not yet been developed much, the collar ribbing did not stretch much, so a V-shaped cut was made in the body and ribbed fabric was inserted to make it easier to put on and take off.

Thus, we have created a sportswear that is comfortable for Japan, with the same purpose as the short-sleeved sweatshirts of the 1940s. Of course, it has a strong presence when worn alone in the summer, but we would like you to embody American casual style by wearing a flannel shirt or denim jacket over it.

Also, since it is a combination item, you can wear it as an inner layer of a leather jacket for a wild one look. It is an item that can be worn in a wide range of ways.


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