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Dry Bones

Wool Plaid Sport Jacket

Wool Plaid Sport Jacket

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DJ-1175 Wool Plaid Sport Jacket

100% wool

We have designed a 1950s style sports jacket using deadstock wool fabric.

The material is wool blend flannel, and the large plaid pattern is eye-catching. Since it is dead stock, there are not many produced. Therefore, we paid attention to the small details.

First, make the pattern.

In the 1950s, the regulations for British men's clothing were still in place. Therefore, the shoulder seam is not in the center of the shoulder line, but is slightly shifted to the back. This is because there is a process called "shirking" to allow the chest muscles to move... Many wool sports jackets from the 1950s still have traces of this look. So we have faithfully reproduced that.

In addition, the sleeves are made of two pieces.

If the sleeves were made from one piece, they would be tubular, but by using two pieces, we were able to create a curve at the elbow. Combined with the almost vertical pockets, this makes it easy to bend your elbow.

The front zipper has kite string sandwiched in it to prevent the zipper from getting stuck.

These are all small details, but the way men's clothing was made in the 1950s is a result of the accumulation of these little things, resulting in beautiful, easy-to-wear clothes.

We added a leather pull cord to the front zipper, which is similar to the structure used for winter outerwear, making it easy to open and close even with gloves on.

It is a beautiful plaid fifties-style outerwear piece that is full of careful attention to detail.


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