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Wool Homespun 3 Pocket Vest

Wool Homespun 3 Pocket Vest

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DV-120 Wool Homespun 3 Pocket Vest

100% wool

The design was inspired by the best from the 1920s.

An orthodox design with three patch pockets, giving it a traditional classic feel.

The material is 100% wool homespun tweed. Homespun is a type of wool fabric that is hand-dyed, spun, and woven using uneven yarn. It is a type of tweed with a rustic feel, and is one of the most representative British textiles. It is woven with a rough feel, making it perfect for work style fabrics.

The back is made of high-quality cupra satin material. The color scheme is brown on the gray background and navy on the black background.

The buttons are four-hole buttons made of real nut material. Nut buttons are made from the nuts of the tagua palm tree, which is native to Ecuador. They are originally milky white, but are piece-dyed, allowing you to enjoy the changes that occur over time.

The brass buckle attached to the back strap for adjusting the size is made using a method from about 100 years ago, which involves bending wire. This part alone is worth seeing.

This vest is also available with a jacket and trousers in the same fabric, so you can have all three pieces together.

The stylish way to wear the jacket is to leave the bottom button unbuttoned. This way of wearing the jacket does not restrict leg movement, and it seems that many people used the bottom buttonhole to pass a watch chain through.

▼This item can be set up as a jacket, vest, and pants.
Jacket: DJ-1179 Wool Homespun Pinch Back Jacket
Pants: DP-845 Wool Homespun Fishtail Back Trousers


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